Nth Return


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Hello there! I am back (again).

To say that the past few months were crazy is an understatement. One of the reasons of my extended absence here is that I moved to a new company. In my four months with Citibank, only five weeks were spent here in Metro Manila… The rest were spent in Chennai, India. Of course, I’ll share my India experience here. Eventually.

Also, I need a new laptop! I don’t have a personal laptop anymore. Tears. I want to purchase a Macbook Air (or any decent ultrabook) but I am currently saving up for a roundtrip ticket to the USA to attend my brother’s Master of Laws graduation at Yale University. How I wish there are piso-fares going to the States!

Globe’s Billing Puzzle


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If I am asked what my biggest mistake for 2013 is, I would immediately say it’s staying loyal to Globe and renewing my postpaid plan. The billing woes I am experiencing right now is absolutely frustrating.

Flashback to the early half of this year. Given that I have been encountering a lot of trouble with Globe’s screwed-up billing (either they come past due or they don’t come at all), I was contemplating on switching to Smart once my contract with them ends. Continue reading

Singapore Night Safari


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So, here I am again sharing my Singapore experience from a few months back. Actually, this is the very first part of it since my last one was on Legoland Malaysia.

I hardly visit zoos. There is only one instance which I can recall that I visited a zoo – the Manila Zoo when I was in 2nd grade. There’s something about zoos that don’t interest me even though I love watching the National Geographic. That’s why I was pretty surprised when I actually wanted to see the Night Safari in Singapore.

I look like a dweeb. Then again, I’m a geek. Close enough.

The Singapore Night Safari is the very first safari park for night (or nocturnal) animals. It opened in 1994 and today it welcomes more than a million visitors a year. This award-winning park has more than 2,500 animals housed in areas similar to their natural habitats. A ticket here costs 35 SGD for adults, which is roughly 1100 PHP.

All set for my Night Safari adventure!

The park has different attractions for both the young and the old. Their main attraction is the guided tram ride that takes one across 7 zones from around the world. There are also walking trails for the guest to explore. Quite a number of the animals are too little to clearly see from the tram ride and this is how you’ll see them. Lastly, they have special shows and performances to keep you entertained. There’s a fire dance-slash-stunts show called the Thumbuakar as well as the popular (and definitely a must-see) Creatures of the Night. Continue reading

Awesome Ramen at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen


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A few weeks back, I was invited to Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen to sample their dishes. Ikkoryu, located at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza, specializes in Tonkotsu ramen. It is one of the more popular restaurants in the mall – the waiting list gets crazy during peak hours. When I first tried out Ikkoryu with my family, we waited for half an hour for a table.

Chic, modern, and trendy are the words that best describe the restaurant. You will be greeted by striking red chairs and wood panels hand-painted with writings in Japanese. The place is quite compact but it didn’t feel cramped.

Read more…

Sofitel Staycation and Spirals Feast

After a long absence, I have posted an entry again! As mentioned in my previous post, I will be moving my food-related entries to my new Blogspot journal, The Geeky Gourmet.

Here’s a preview of my first post…

One of things that I have been longing to do is to have a staycation. Technically speaking, a staycation is defined as staying home and doing leisurely activities. The scope of the word has widened though, going beyond the walls of one’s house.

Just recently, I had my first staycation experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It is a five-star luxury hotel in the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex and is popular for its highly-regarded Spiral buffet.

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I am moving… I mean, my food journal.

Okay, I have tried moving before but I need to re-start things. Why? I want to try out Blogger and ‘unify’ my accounts. I will still keep this one as my personal blog though. I’ll also post links to entries in my new food journal, quite similar to what I’ve done for my first attempt.

Visit my new page!

The Geeky Gourmet (v2)

Breakfast at Da.U.De Tea Lounge


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One of the difficulties I often encounter while working in Bonifacio Global City is looking for a good place to have breakfast in. See, in Eastwood, there’s a Jollibee, beside our building. If I’m not in the mood for some Langhap Sarap, there’s Bistro Deli (a.k.a. Country Style). In my current workplace, the nearest Jollibee (or McDonald’s) is at least 10 minutes away on foot. Good thing I discovered Da.U.De Tea Lounge.

Da.U.De, pronounced as Da – You – Deh, is a tea lounge located at the ground level of Net Lima. It is owned by the country’s very first Certified Tea Master.

They offer breakfast sets for only 189 PhP plus taxes (around 208 PhP net). You can choose among the Pastry, Thai Congee, and Daing na Bangus sets. All sets are served with either black tea or coffee.

I decided to go with the pastry set since I was craving for eggs (weird, I know). Also, I wanted a light-tasting breakfast. The two seemed savory so I went with the pastry set. Continue reading


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